Estate and Probate

  • Utilizing fair market value, we are specifically prepared to provide accurate valuations for estate professionals, probate courts, beneficiaries and the IRS.

Estate Planning & Downsizing

  • We are often called upon to assist with equitable distribution related to estate planning and downsizing. Downsizing personal property may be necessitated by retirement, relocation, divorce, or the combination of two households. Whatever the situation, you may be overwhelmed by the decisions you face. We offer counsel in making difficult choices related to reducing collections and household furnishings.


  • Replacement value appraisals are geared towards homeowners and collectors, businesses and instututions requiring insurance for valuable personal property and fine collections. An accurate and well-written appraisal report is essential to document personal property assets.

Damage Claim

  • These types of appraisals are prepared to settle a claim after a loss has taken place. Valuations to consider are replacement cost, salvage value and loss of value. A properly prepared damage claim appraisal is key to a fair settlement.

Charitable Donation

  • The IRS requires appraisals be performed by a “qualified appraiser.” Mr Beall meets the requirements of a "qualified appraiser" as defined by the IRS.

Dissolution Of Marriage

  • Equitable distribution of property is the main goal when dissolution of marriage is pending. The parties need an unbiased, accurate and consistent appraisal on marital assets.